Why is EIM needed?

For all organizations, and especially for state and local governments, Enterprise Information Management solutions provide critical functionality that is essential to meeting organizational goals and missions. Information is a fundamental asset of any organization and should be managed like any other critical resource. Many state agencies and local governments are characterized by business processes that create isolated solutions and silos of information that were implemented to satisfy the needs of specific programs or business units. EIM recognizes the benefits that can be achieved when an organization evolves toward managing its information on an enterprise level.

What solution does an EIM provide?

An EIM solution provides functionality that enables the redesign of processes, content structure, policies and technologies to manage information across the enterprise to provide more efficient and effective management of its information, increased productivity, higher levels of service to constituents, and improved compliance with required regulations. Establishing and maintaining an EIM Program will enable Texas DIR Customers to realize enterprise benefits as its information strategy and related processes are more closely aligned with its organization-wide mission and goals.

What are the benefits of an EIM solution?

Experts estimate that up to 80 percent of information stored in organizations is unstructured. An EIM solution addresses this side of information management as well, enabling all documents and other content to be used efficiently throughout an organization. Quick and easy access to information alone can save up to 30 percent of the valuable working time. The automation of workflows and the integrated provision of information in existing systems can significantly increase employee productivity. Automated processes safeguard quality and enable organizations to comply with standards and with legal and regulatory requirements. Did you know the volume of unstructured information in a typical company doubles every two to three years! Benefits from the improved management of unstructured information include:

  • Easier and more efficient access to information
  • Easier backup and disaster recovery support
  • Space savings related to reduced paper and support of remote workforce
  • Employee productivity gains related to digitization
  • Easier compliance with regulatory and legal requirements
  • Business process conformity and continuity
  • Cost savings related to information and system consolidation

EIM initiatives can help organizations become more efficient and agile with enhanced capabilities for information creation, capture, distribution and consumption. EIM can provide and preserve enterprise business information in a manner that is secure, easily accessible, meaningful, accurate and timely. Some additional EIM benefits include:

  • Improved Information Quality – both accuracy and consistency of information distributed inside and outside of the organization
  • Improved Information Management – better business planning and execution through more complete and integrated information that is more easily and reliably available
  • Greater Process Efficiency – consolidated information architecture and delivery reduces the time it takes to find needed information and promotes information sharing and repurposing, constituent self-service, digitally supported business processes, and integration between business solutions
  • Greater Security of Information – information is safeguarded against inappropriate access and misuse through appropriate permission models, audit controls, records management and disaster recovery
  • Increased Organizational Agility – flexibility and agility is provided by standardized taxonomies, scalable architectures, integration of structured and unstructured information, well-designed reusable components, and a shared knowledge repository

The software offered by OpenText and the services provided by IQBG offer Texas DIR Customers an industry leading and proven solution for their full range of EIM requirements.