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Contract No. DIR-TSO-3392

IQBG State of Texas DIR

The Contract

Through this contract, any Texas state agency, unit of local government or institution of higher education can acquire Enterprise Information Management (EIM) software and the services that are required to install, design, implement and maintain solutions configured to meet customer requirements from the IQ Business Group (IQBG). This contracting vehicle allows agencies to buy EIM software and related services at a very significant discount. This contract with IQBG for EIM software from OpenText has a contract term of one year with three, one-year optional extensions that may be exercised by DIR at its discretion. Information regarding the IQBG DIR Contract is located on DIR’s Website

Cooperative Contracts Program

This contract is part of the Cooperative Contracts Program created by Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR). The Cooperative Contracts Program creates contract vehicles that satisfy statewide procurement requirements for software products, including Software as a Service (SaaS), and the associated services associated with implementing solutions built using the products. The Program combines the buying power of authorized customers to obtain volume-discounted pricing, to shorten the time required, and to make it easier for them to acquire the technology products and services that they need to improve productivity, increase efficiencies, raise levels of service to constituents, and improve regulatory compliance.

Under the Cooperative Contracts Program, customers place orders with and issue payments directly to the vendors participating in the Co-op Contracts Program.

How To Order

Customers contact Chris Legnon for products and/or services and pricing information, negotiate their own service level agreements and additional terms and conditions, if any, and send their purchase orders (with the DIR contract number) to Chris Legnon and payments directly to IQBG.

Chris Legnon is the IQBG Regional Director for Texas and is responsible for guiding all business relative to this contract. Chris is available to assist DIR Customers in determining which EIM products and services best match their specific requirements; and, to help with the creation of Purchase Orders and Statements of Work as relevant to their needs.


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