High Level Assessment

High Level Assessment, ECRM Strategy and Roadmap

Standard Offering

The High Level Assessment (HLA) is a pre-packaged consulting service designed to build a five-year roadmap around Enterprise Content & Records Management (ECRM) including imaging, workflow, document management, records management, eForms, email archiving, predictive coding and auto classification of content, public records response / eDiscovery, etc.  The HLA is a rapid assessment of operations that results in business requirements, a technology roadmap, ROI, and a 5-year implementation sequence.

The HLA is typically performed to address one of several common situations we find our clients wrestling with:

  • Unsure Where to Begin. Often an organization is not sure where to start or needs the business case in order to proceed.  This happens frequently with an imaging, document management, eDiscovery or records management need where the organization wants to make a more effective technology decision or is unsure how to sequence projects.
  • An Incremental System Needs to Grow. Many solutions are implemented either as proof of concept applications or for a relatively small number of transactions.  It is important for the organization to determine how to grow the system, which departments to add, which additional functions to implement and in what sequence.
  • Growth from Departmental to Enterprise. This is most common when an organization has a large departmental ECRM implementation and they are faced with questions regarding architecture and implementation sequencing as they move to develop an enterprise standard.  This is especially true when sub-set technologies such as email archive, secure storage for confidential information and records management (for compliance or eDiscovery) drive a need to implement quickly.
  • Growth of Departmental Silos of Information. Often our clients find that digitization efforts are occurring in an unplanned manner as line of business software solutions allow documents to be attached and stored within their systems.  While this is beneficial for the users of the application, content is not shareable or accessible for other departments or nonusers of the application.  In some cases departments have started scanning to shared drives without appropriate standards or metadata defined.
  • The Cost of Digitization is Prohibitive. Organizations often want to digitize, but the sheer volumes of paper files are so large that they cannot afford to scan all back files.  They need a digitization plan that considers the true value of content and considers user requirements and records management retentions in determining the correct digitization plan.  Even when more and more content is already in digital form, organizations lack a central, secure repository where the content can be stored.

About the IQBG Assessment Group

The IQ Business Group (IQBG) is a specialized consulting firm devoted to the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and Enterprise Content and Records Management (ECRM) market.  We offer unbiased advice on how to implement solutions, manage governance efforts associated with technology and policies, and maximize the benefits from the solutions.

IQBG is led by some of the industry’s most experienced personnel.  Our people have literally built the industry by helping to establish ECRM as a separate technology focus area, developing methodologies that specifically address ECRM’s unique requirements, and serving on committees to define and promote industry standards.  IQBG has driven nearly $5B of ECRM procurements and worked on some of the industry’s most leading edge implementations.  Having worked with hundreds of commercial and government customers, IQBG participates in leadership roles within industry groups such as the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA), Sedona Conference working groups related to search and eDiscovery, and others.