SAP Solutions

Extend the value of your SAP investment with technology that improves financial and business processes.

For over 10 years The IQ Business Group (IQBG) has provided the industry and the public sector with solutions that improve productivity, add efficiency, and increase profitability. IQBG’s SAP Group is a leading provider of technology solutions that extends the value of an enterprise investment in SAP.

Extended ECM for SAP

Manages all forms of content throughout the entire content lifecycle.

Extended ECM combines secure, automated capture, storage, and organization of documents with archiving, records management, and imaging functionality. In addition, it provides team collaboration, collaborative workflow, and search and retrieval capabilities. With Extended ECM, you can mitigate risk while improving productivity and information accessibility.

Benefits include:

  • Access to enterprise content via SAP interfaces
  • Mitigated risk by maintaining content integrity
  • Enhanced customer service levels
  • Improved overall information management
  • Reduced costs of enterprise content management
  • Maximized ROI of your SAP investments
  • Reduced TCO of your IT environment
  • Captured ideas, experience and knowledge Stimulate innovation and creativity
  • Stimulated innovation and creativity
  • Increased speed and adaptability to change Application of records management controls to SAP content

Vendor Invoice Management

Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) is a prepackaged application that works with SAP ERP systems to streamline accounts payable processes. VIM optimizes and simplifies the process of creating, managing and routing issues related to Purchase Order and Non-PO invoices.

Benefits include:

  • Minimized invoice processing time, increased efficiency
  • Increased ROI and save money
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower costs – reduced manual data keying Scalable foundation

Travel Receipts Management

Gain tighter control of travel budgets with software to streamline the management of travel expenses.

Travel Receipts Management reduces the administrative workload associated with travel expense accounting. The solution provides travel-friendly functions that speed up the entry and processing of travel expense reports while streamlining accounting and reimbursement processes.

Benefits include:

  • Faster reimbursement of travel expenses to employees
  • Reduced processing time and costs through employee self-service and single entry
  • Simplified auditing
  • Enhanced capability to prevent fraud
  • Increased transparency of the overall travel management process
  • Secure and cost-effective data storage

Key Features:

  • Receipt capture – Use multiple inbound channels including e-mail, scanning, bar codes, fax, mobile device, and mass import
  • Self-service interface – Speed the capture, management, and assignment of travel receipts
  • Document archiving – Archive receipts securely according to legal regulations
  • Audit functionality – Gain immediate visibility of source documents related to expense reporting
  • Receipt management – Upload electronic receipts to the SAP ERP application, attach at the header of expense reports or at the line-item level, and assign to a specific trip

Employee File Management

Transform HR from an administrative function to a strategic operation

Provides HR departments with a complete solution; all printed documents from employees and job applicants, master data and internal personal documents are immediately available from the electronic personnel file. This ensures that all personnel activities and processes are preformed quickly and easily.

Benefits include:

  • Easy-to-use folder structures, convenient searches
  • Logically organized original documents
  • Direct link to SAP objects and transactions
  • Efficient and encrypted storage, reliable data protection
  • Secure archiving
  • ESS/MSS access for employees and managers
  • Workflow
  • Records Management

Data Archiving for SAP Solutions

Secure, cost-effective solution for your SAP data archiving needs.

Data Archiving for SAP Solutions securely stores data with logical, physical archive management to help the enterprise lower both the cost and risk of meeting data retention. And, when you need the data, it is directly available from the SAP interface.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced administration effort and resource consumption of the SAP database
  • Improved SAP performance, response time and system availability
  • Reduced total cost of ownership of your SAP system
  • Reduced risk by secure long term archiving of SAP data
  • Ensured compliance