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The Office 365 platform supports customers around the world with many different standards and regulations guiding the handling of information assets. Microsoft is constantly adding to the list of compliance and security standards supported. Office 365 offers both built-in capabilities and customer controls to help customers meet compliance standards.

IQBG provides services that help our customers prepare and pre-check for audit, provide compliance auditing services and help define & implement compliance strategies.

IQBG helps our customers meet general compliance requirements by:

  • Ensuring awareness of how Customer Lockbox can help them meet compliance obligations for controlling data access by Microsoft support engineers;
  • Enabling full audit tracking to monitor and investigate events related to their data;
  • Reduce costs and risk with in-place intelligent Advanced eDiscovery;
  • Empower the efficiency with performing risk assessment leveraging Office 365 Service Assurance;
  • Manage data retention with Advanced Data Governance.

With IQBG's extensive experience and knowledge in data governance and compliance, we can help your organization leverage and extend O365 to meet your specific compliance challenges.  We can help implement improved business processes that assure compliance as a by-product and provide managed services to monitor as you transition into production mode.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP):

DLP is a strategy and tools offered to help admins control the flow of sensitive or critical information outside of the corporate network and is a serious issue for companies. Whether it is intentionally malicious or inadvertent, data loss can diminish a company's brand, reduce shareholder value, and damage the company's goodwill and reputation.

A solution for monitoring and enforcing data security across all communication channels is vital to ensure the integrity of an organization's policies.

Continuous Compliance Services:

With over 1,000 controls in place, Microsoft is running real-time reviews of its own data-handling policies and procedures to ensure that evolving customer and industry standards are being met.

Organizations of all sizes and types put policies, processes and procedures in place to try to meet the endpoint compliance requirements of internal operations, industry bodies and government regulations.

eDiscovery Center:

Electronic Discovery, is used to search, locate, and retrieve records for legal matters. eDiscovery is a great tool when searching across various platforms. Users can search content across SharePoint Online sites, Exchange online mailboxes, and OneDrive for Business individually or all at once.

IQBG offers a wide range of value-driven service and technology options at every stage of your eDiscovery process.

  • Information Governance/Compliance
  • Complex Discovery Management

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