IQBG Webinars

Managing the challenge for Information Governance with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has reached 75M unique daily active users, 200M daily meeting participants, and 4.1B daily meeting minutes. The future of work is remote and introducing new ways for teams to collaborate, streamline business processes, chat, store files, and more... all in a single, integrated app. While the app can improve collaboration, the question of governance and management of Teams is a growing concern for all organizations.

There is also a requirement to manage content, documents, and records contained within Teams as part of the overall organizations' governance program.

The answer? Introduce a governance model that can ensure that Teams provide for collaboration while managing the associated risks.

Maximizing eDiscovery & FOIA in Microsoft O365

As more corporations move their enterprise data to the cloud, many choose to migrate to the Microsoft 365 environment. This transition requires legal professionals—both in-house and at law firms—to adjust their current eDiscovery processes and workflows. In this webinar we’ll discuss how to use Microsoft 365 to support litigation and regulatory discovery, what to consider as you update internal eDiscovery & FOIA programs, and what risks may arise for downstream processes and workflows.

How to make use of an existing Microsoft 365 investment for records management

Almost all companies have significant investments in Microsoft technologies. One area where Microsoft has made recent and significant advancements is in the area of Compliance and Records Management. In addition to traditional uses for Microsoft 365 focused on collaboration and communication, many organizations are now leveraging their Microsoft investments to address regulatory, legal, and business-critical compliance requirements. Using M365, companies are able to demonstrate compliance with the most complex and comprehensive retention and disposition policies -- with nearly no increase in licensing or software fees.

Using Assessments to Develop an Effective ECRM Solution Roadmap

Please join us for our first webinar hosted by industry-leading information management expert and Jeopardy® winner, Priscilla Emery, where she will discuss the reasons for conducting an Information, Technology, and RM Assessment and then developing a realistic Roadmap to prioritize and budget for ECRM migration or development efforts. Many organizations struggle with so many “opportunities” for improvement that it is difficult to prioritize or establish a business case in order to proceed.