Data Management

The IQ Business Group ("IQBG") Data Management and Business Intelligence group specializes in providing customized data solutions to improve business decision-making.

  • Data Management Process Assessment – In-depth analysis of the organization’s data management strategy, implementation, and maturity.
  • Data Consulting – Strategic planning for creating a definitive plan of action based on goals of the organization and on the assessment results. Includes: business case development; data related analysis and requirements; data-driven logical designs; advising on and developing data stewardship and data governance programs; IV&V data management expertise.
  • Data Engineering – Implementing the strategic plan. Develop data-oriented technical specifications; design and implement database structures; support analysis by data profiling and reverse engineering existing systems; and design and implement data integration and migration solutions.
  • Data Education – Ensuring that the data management strategy is embraced by the organization, and continues to follow the strategic plan.


Benefits include:

  • Gained value from existing data and systems – Create easy-to-use reports that draw from multiple data sources.
  • Understanding of the “why” behind results. Eliminate data silos – drill through the numbers to see the whole picture.
  • Creation of a trusted information source – Spend less time debating and more time deciding which action to take.
  • Reduced demand on IT – Self-service reporting and analysis puts information in everyone’s hands.