5 Key Components of the Successful eERDMS Initiative at the DOI

he eMail Enterprise Records and Document Management System (eERDMS) is the U.S. Department of the Interior’s (DOI) cohesive integrated information management program, supporting 98,000 users. eERDMS promotes public trust and transparency through the efficient records and document management of DOI’s missions and programs.

In 2013 I was ‘on the ground’ during the initial implementation of eERDMS. Here are the five key takeaways that I observed as integral to DOI’s continued success:

Management Support and Organizational Inclusiveness. Most important to DOI’s success is its strong leadership and intra-agency coordination. When DOI decided to consolidate the information management of all 14 of its bureaus and offices, the Office of the CIO worked with records management staff, program offices, legal counsel, and public access offices to create a united vision and mission statement that kept them aligned as they moved forward.
Program Vision. eERDMS has five integrated components which are centrally managed and capture all of the organization’s information assets: Enterprise eArchive System; Enterprise Content System; Enterprise Forms System; Enterprise Fax System; and Enterprise Dashboard System.
Change Management. Throughout the implementation of eERDMS, strong leadership within the office of the CIO helped guide the organization’s 98,000 employees through what was viewed as a challenging transition. A change management expert was permanently on site to keep all staff appraised of what was coming; what was happening; issues encountered and how they were being addressed; what the next steps were; and accomplishments to celebrate.
Strategic Outsourcing. DOI needed particular expertise, services, and systems for specific tasks in order to successfully implement the eERDMS program; but the agency could not afford to hire and train those specialists nor purchase and maintain systems hardware on site. As such, DOI leadership created an eight-year contract vehicle that included all necessary expertise and cloud servcies required to build out the program as resources allowed. This enabled the agency to purchase systems and services as they became necessary and as funding became available.
Automating Records: Capture and Disposition. This is the foundation of the entire eERDMS system, which enables DOI to capture and journal 66 million emails per month! DOI created simplified, functional retention schedules to manage all its information assets. These schedules allow for the application of automated recordkeeping and auto-classification for records disposition as the records are sent from or received into the system. The result is a system that automatically manages the electronic files to DOI and NARA standards.
Contributed by: Carol Brock, CRM
The iQ Business Group
Vice President of Cloud Services

Ms. Brock is VP – Information Governance with The iQ Business Group and a Certified Records Manager. Currently she is working with the U.S. Department of the Interior to implement ERDMS. She has 27 years of Federal records management experience as a contractor, consultant, and Federal employee. She is also a Research Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin working on a Ph.D. in digital preservation.